Combat Postpartum Hair Loss

Everyone wants that Victoria’s Secret Model Hair and while we are pregnant we come pretty darn close. All of the estrogen and baby making hormones racing through your body can lead to thick beautiful hair. But after the baby is born, we fight losing battles with the tub drain over all the hair clogging it up.

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Nothing is going to stop the hair loss completely, but there are things you can do to help. And remember by the time your baby is celebrating their first birthday, you can celebrate the return of your normal head of hair.

Help My Hair Aids
  • Remember to always take your prenatal vitamins. If they make you sick, take them with food or try another brand. It you can’t swallow the horse pills, try chewable or gummy ones. Continue to take your prenatals even after the baby is born (6 more weeks if formula feeding or through the entirety of breastfeeding). Afterward switch to a general woman's formulation.
  • Take fish oil. This is one you can take during your pregnancy to help with baby’s brain growth and development. But it’s also good for you, mom. Fish oil is full of Omegas that are great for hair, skin, nails, heart, joints….I could keep going.
  • Take Biotin. It's an important building block for your hair, nails, and skin. Some swear by this.
  • Get your vitamin D. If you don’t want to skimp on the sunscreen. Make sure your getting your daily allowance. Deficiencies can cause hair loss.
  • Use olive oil and coconut oil to massage your scalp. It will increase blood supply to to head and in turn increase hair growth. Olive oil and coconut oil also can be applied sparingly to the rest of your hair for soft, smooth lustrous hair before you shampoo.
  • Invest in Sulfate free shampoos.
  • Get a new hair cut and try a salon service that gently exfoliates the scalp. It helps to get rid of dead skin, product build up and revitalizes your scalp. It's makes for a great environment to grow hair.
  • Try Phyto Phytocyane Revitalizing Serum - Thinning Hair Treatment. It contains natural ingredients to get you over the postpartum hair loss slump. You can put it on your clean scalp and then style as normal. You will not be able to tell it’s there. It’s like plant food for your hair. 

 The most important thing is to remember to take care of yourself. In today’s society we run until we drop. Instead, take it easy and eat right. Remember that your body is a power house building a baby. And after the baby we need to recover  by being pampered and loved and that includes your hair!


yunasonline said…
I love learning about different facets of hair losing ! & I have never heard of this brand so thank you for sharing your knowledge of Hair Loss During Pregnancy ;D Looking forward to your future posts!

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