Another Zebra Party Addition

So, Like I told y'all before, Zebra is pretty popular around here. I did these cups as small gifts for my kids' teachers. But they would also make great party favors. You can virtually find these plastic drinking cups anywhere... Target, Walmart, grocery stores.

I just girlied them up with some zebra, tulle and ribbons. I placed two different colors of tulle into the cup and then tied lots of matching ribbons to the straw. The zebra tags were very simple. Just cut out a bag tag shape that is square on the end and tapers to the top. Hole punch near the top and then slice the paper from the punch hole to the outside so you can easily place the tag around the straw. The tags are from zebra scrapbook paper and I got cute curly stickers for their initials. Now you have some great little inexpensive gifts. These would also make great cheer gifts.


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