Hot Toddy To The Rescue

Feeling sick lately? Got snot clogging and dripping out your nose? Throat so sore, it hurts to speak? Then you need a Hot Toddy. A Hot Toddy can be your feel better go to in no time.

Make Coconut Oil Melts

Do you love coconut oil, but hate using it in the Winter? Coconut oil is so versatile and amazing. But when it's cold, it sucks to use. It gets hard, almost like it's frozen. Well, here's a little tip to make your coconut oil life oh so much easier. Make a coconut oil melt. They are cute little pieces of coconut oil to make your life happy.

8 Reasons To Drink Whiskey

Did you know that whiskey is super healthy? I just happened upon an article touting it's glorious health benefits while I was starting my Google research about red wine and it's health benefits.  I was completely surprised by my findings. I read things like Life Extending, Fight's Alzheimer's Disease, and Prevent's Cancer. Needless to say I was more than a little intrigued.  So I had to check it out for myself. I was blown away with the amount of the medical journals and clinical studies I could find on the improvement in quality of life because of whiskey.

Is Gray Hair Beautiful? 4 Months In

So, I'm now into my 4th month of not coloring my hair. I'm letting my gray hairs have their glory and roam free on my head. I am full of roller coaster emotions regarding my gray hair right now. I'm certain it comes from what's been pounded into my mind for years... appear as young as you can. And youth... youth equals no gray hair.

I Washed With Muslin. It Was Amazing!

I thought I had exfoliation down straight. I washed, I scrubbed. I loved scrubbing. If you want an immediate difference in your skin, a good scrub is the answer. Then everything changed when I started washing my face with muslin cloth. I was missing out. Now, I only wash my face with muslin. It's the bomb. I'm not gonna lie. If you want some amazing soft skin, muslin is where to go. I might sound kinda salesy right now, but OMG, after just one wash you will love it. Give it a full week and it will transform your skin and you will never look back. 

My favorite Things for December

I'm sure you will agree, Christmas is the best time of the year. Everyone is cheerful. Christmas music is playing and so are the Christmas movies. My absolute favorite is Christmas Vacation. But I'm also lovin' a Christmas movie on Netflix right now called The Spirit Of Christmas. Anybody seen it?  Mmm, maybe I'll write a post on my favorite Christmas movies! It's also cold outside. I take that back. This is Texas. It's 78 degrees outside today. Literally. Sometimes I think, why can't we have Christmas in January when it might actually snow? Notice the word might is bolded. Anyway, I digress. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. And the number one reason why is the giving. It's so much easier to gift give this time of year. It's like retailers save their best fashions and products for right now. You walk into a store and absolutely fall in love with everything you see. You walk out with gifts for others and gifts for you in hand. What could be better?
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