Granny Hair Journey... 3 Month Update

So much has changed, but yet so much hasn't changed. When I first started this journey, I wasn't sure about my decision, where it would lead me and if it was right for me. I was worried about losing my youth and honestly part of my beauty. I put a lot of time and stock in my hair. It's not that I'm letting it go. It's more that I'm freeing myself from a chore. Coloring my hair was by far the most time consuming commitment I had.

Baby Soft Feet In A Flash

I was sitting in the bath tub the other night while gazing fondly at my razor, thinking it's been a good razor. But sadly all good things must come to an end. It was looking worn and rough and needed to be thrown out with the trash. It would get the privilege of shaving my legs one last time and then bye, bye, bye.

5 Steps For Glowing Skin, Beyond The Obvious

Are you yearning for skin that's lit from within, glowing, healthy, and young looking? I'm not talking about shimmer or shine. I'm not talking about makeup. And I'm not talking about the obvious.  I'm talking about skin that literally naturally glows, almost translucent. You can have that. Even in the Winter. This isn't a blog post that says drink more water, get more sleep, eat right, exercise, wash your makeup off at night. While all those things are great... they are not going to give you AMAZING SKIN. This isn't about that. This is a blog post that's going to get down and dirty and go beyond the obvious. Don't you want it? AMAZING SKIN!

Look 10 Years Younger

Derma rolling is quite the little anti-ager. Or should I say the big anti-ager. Derma rolling or micro needling is the process of taking a roller with lots of itty bitty needles and puncturing your skin. The injury to the skin then activates human growth hormones and induces the production of collagen. The reacting production of collagen is the basis of younger looking skin, fewer wrinkles, less acne, more even skin tone and tighter skin. I could go on and on about the wonders of micro needling. It's youth in a bottle, or should I say youth in a roller.

Hair Oil Love

Are you a hair oil lover? If not, you should be! 

I've used hair oils for years, but lately I've been using them rather religiously for a few reasons since deciding to grow my gray out. I'm going to apologize for the length of this post in advance. My posts are usually not this long. I just have so much to share on oils. Oils can literally change your hair, not just make your strands look better, but actually improve the health of your hair and scalp. They are wondrous things. Below is my own personal experience. I hope you enjoy.

Going, Going, Gone... Striping Your Hair Color

As many of you know, I'm in the process of growing out my gray hair. My hair is so long, that it might take a long while. I'm thinking maybe 2 to 3 plus years to get all the box color off my hair. Holy Crap. That's like a really long time. I don't know if I'm up for that. Can we not speed this up? No way do I want to go through life with half brown, half gray hair. Uh huh!
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